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How to bet

This section is for those who want to understand a little more about sports betting and explains the standard betting formats that are generally used around the world.

If you have any questions please consult our Racing staff in Sportland who will be pleased to answer any of your queries.

An Introduction

All betting is based upon prices or odds, there are two ways of expressing these prices or odds.
By fractions or by decimals, for example:

Fractional betting:
2/1, this means for every one unit you stake you win two. In addition, your stake will be returned. So if you had a 100 roubles (our minimum bet) at 2/1 your returns (win and stake) would be 200 (win) + 100 (Stake) = 300 roubles.

Decimal Betting:
This is the preferred method of betting in Moscow. The decimal price includes both the stake and win, for example, 2/1 would be 3.00 (2.00 win & 1.00 stake). It acts just like an currency exchange rate and you would take the decimal price and multiply by how much you staked; for example, 100 roubles at 3.00= 100 x 3.00 = 300 roubles

Stakes and Returns

Law requires us to bet using chips, this is easily done by exchanging money at our conveniently placed Cash Desk before approaching the Racing Counter. The minimum value chip we use is 5 roubles and all our returns are rounded to the nearest 5 roubles, below is a list of some common prices and their returns to a 1000 rouble stake unit:

1/101.101 100
1/91.111 110
1/81.1251 125
1/61.1661 165
1/51.201 200
1/31.331 335
1/21.501 500
4/61.661 665
4/51.801 800
10/111.9091 910
1/12.002 000
11/102.102 100
5/42.252 250
6/42.502 500
7/42.752 750
2/13.003 000
5/23.503 500
3/14.004 000
10/34.334 350
7/24.504 500
4/15.005 000
5/16.006 000
10/111.0011 000

How to Bet

As a customer you fill out a betting slip with your selection(s) and stake(s), this you then take to the counter with your chips where it is officially stamped and your stake is checked and then taken, you will get the pink copy (duplicate copy) as proof of your bet. We keep the top or white copy to process your bet.

When your selection wins you take your pink copy back to the counter, and our staff will check your copy against our copy and pay your winnings. You can collect your win immediately or within 2 months of the event.

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