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Poker Jackpot

Progressive Bonus (Jackpot)
The more bets that are made on the progressive bonus around the casino the more jackpot total increases. In Metelitsa the progressive jackpot can be played on all the various poker games. For a minimal bet it’s possible to win the whole accumulated total which is the total that is shown on the electronic displays installed on the tables with the progressive jackpot.
A progressive bonus bet is played only with player’s first five cards received.

Mystery JackPot
We offer an extra option as part of the existing Progressive JackPot system. This new option is called ‘Mystery JackPot’. The ‘Mystery JackPot’ is accumulated simultaneously with progressive bonus and is drawn within a certain range. When the ‘Mystery JackPot’ fund gets into the payout range a random number generator is activated and one of players having bet on the progressive bonus will be selected as the winner of the ‘Mystery JackPot’ accumulated total.
A progressive bonus display shows the bottom and top levels of the ‘Mystery JackPot’ fund and the current accumulated total.
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